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In a world where images are everything, Nike is one of the most recognized symbols in the world. To understand Nike´s success and corporate culture, its identity is critical because it is the Nike brand that has become a ubiquitous business identity. As you know, the ad NikeTn Shark I saw Nike’s logo, but I didn’t see the company’s name because they knew that many people saw this symbol of knowing Nike, which has become a cultural icon. Nike has been used to enhance brand value, popularity and status icons. The logo of Nul Sporting Goods is little known. Nike and the advertiser showcased cooperation with Wicden & Kemledy, hoping that this Gogo will be clearly visible on all billboards. The company´s budget advertising and marketing is estimated to be around 10% of the annual turnover, just to mark its in the hearts of consumers. Nike Tuned

MAX AIR TECHNOLOGY NIKE AIR is a family member and NIKE AIR is designed for frequent feet and has the greatest impact on floor cushioning. The NIKE AIR insole uses a lighter material and a loose padding to create a lighter, more damped texture for your stains.